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Unicorn Fezzes and Other Assorted Weirdness

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So first off, I’m really bad at con recaps. Usually because by the time I get around to thinking about writing them, I’ve forgotten everything but the highlights. Which I think tends to happen at most cons in general – you meet so many people and have so many conversations and things happen and then it’s all a big blur anyway. That being said as a first time attendee to Necon, I really enjoyed it. I’m mostly an introvert and I did do a bit of wallflowering for the first couple of days. Con sizes tend to have interesting dynamics – the really big ones are overwhelming because there are SO many people, but on the other hand, it’s really easy to sort of blend in and do your own thing. You lose that ability to hide with the smaller cons, plus in this case, it’s the first time I’ve… Read more

Winter Storms and Character Cameos

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“…as people prepare for the chilly temperatures and pounding snow of Winter Storm Ion…” I flipped off the TV with a sigh, sinking deeper beneath the blanket. “Must be nice to have a storm named after you.” I yawned, curling into a tighter ball on the sofa. Outside, the wind rattled the windowpanes, a sliver of icy air creeping over the exposed skin at the nape of my neck. The incubus in question let out a disgruntled snort. “I would hardly refer to anything I do as ‘chilly’.” He paused, mouth quirking up at me. “They got the pounding part right, anyway.” Phin cocked an eye at us from where he sprawled in front of the TV. “I’ve got a storm for you. Right here in my pants.” “You’re not wearing pants,” I pointed out. “That’s pretty much the point,” he agreed, stretching out obscenely on his back. ~~ random Abby… Read more

Word-Whore ~ Fox and Willow Thursday

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Gonna be a short and sweet post today – working from home because I’m in a pain overload of some sort. Maybe it’s the weather – I hear there’s some sort of mega storm coming our way (just in time for me to try to fly to Toronto next week, huzzah!). In either case, I’m all about the ice packs today, so there we go. Otherwise, I’m over at Word Whores  talking about writing horror scenes. It’s not really all that great a post because I don’t write horror and I’m not that fond of reading it either. (Though I did post the excellent Actual Cannibal Shia LeBouf video, so there is that.) And Fox & Willow is updated today too. 🙂 Blog Tour link: Ramblings From This Chick – there’s a Phineas-centric excerpt from Trace of Moonlight posted here, so go check that out if you want to get… Read more

Fun With Phineas

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Today’s blog tour post is all about Phineas. I get a lot of questions about the little ass, so I figured I’d so a character sheet for him. Check it out over at The Book Nympho to find out more about your favorite unicorn. (There’s a review over there too.) In the meantime, someone was nice enough to record my panel at NYCC. It’s up over at youtube, but I’ll just embed it down below.  I haven’t watched it and I probably won’t just because I have a very difficult time watching myself on camera, but hopefully the rest of you will find it amusing. 🙂   Thanks to the lovely person who recorded it! Also, just as a fun note, last Friday night after my comic con shenanigans, I got a chance to meet up with Marcus Wolf (Marcus is David Garrett’s guitarist and was super helpful when  I asked… Read more

Running Out of Words

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Well, not really. But one of the problems with being a daily blogger is trying to come up with new topics for guest blogs. On my own personal blog I feel like I can pretty much talk about anything. Gaming. Writing. Stupid videos. Naked men. Whatever strikes my fancy at a given moment. But when I’m a guest on someone else’s blog, I usually feel as though I need to deliver something with a bit more quality than just “Hey – funny unicorn humping a dolphin video!” Sort of like going to someone’s house I guess. And of course, then you get like what I had this morning, where I completely forgot I owed someone a guest blog (outside my tour, so I’d neglected to put it on my schedule). And I got an email going “Where is it?” And there’s that little moment of panic and resignation as I… Read more