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io9 Review

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So the big news is that io9 reviewed Fox & Willow on Saturday – which is fabulous for us. As a self-published webcomic, getting any sort of publicity like this is sometimes very hard to come by. (And a special shout-out to Jane Kindred for helping us to get on their radar -thank you so much.) Of course, the offshoot is that I used up my 100k pageview /per month  limit on my stat tracker in about 24 hours. (That’s a *lot* of hits for us – and it’s been fun to watch the link be spread out to other sites like the Something Awful forums. Not quite viral or anything, but considering we haven’t been doing a huge amount for publicity, it’s pretty cool.) Not sure what I’ll do about the webstats – to upgrade my account will bump me into the $80 a month range, and if this… Read more


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I was musing the other day on the whole PoV thing. I like writing in 1st. I *can* write in 3rd, but I just prefer 1st for some reason. This new book I’m working on is actually in 1st person present – again, I’m not sure why, and I don’t know if it will stay that way. Just seems to be the way it wants to come out and I’ve learned it’s not worth fighting the muse over. I always hear that writing in 1st person is risky since a lot of people don’t seem to care for it. Maybe it’s the limited information or the “I did x” lines that tend to get on people’s nerves. Personal preference is what it is, but one thing I sometimes wonder is if readers tend to be harsher on the protags of a 1st person story. Books are often escapist, and I… Read more

Word-Whore ~ Fox and Willow Thursday

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This is one of those days where I feel like all I’m going to do is post links about where I am. >_< First off – my post at Word-Whores is about superstitious characters this week. (And why I don’t seem to have any.) New Fox & Willow up today – page 50, if you can believe that! Blog Tour stuff: Read an excerpt from A Trace of Moonlight over at Urban Fantasy Investigations (What’s it like to come back from the dead and realize your Dreaming Heart is destroyed? Abby finds out in this little section…) Review and Giveaway over at Confessions from Romaholics. I *think* that’s it for today! 😀… Read more

Fun With Phineas

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Today’s blog tour post is all about Phineas. I get a lot of questions about the little ass, so I figured I’d so a character sheet for him. Check it out over at The Book Nympho to find out more about your favorite unicorn. (There’s a review over there too.) In the meantime, someone was nice enough to record my panel at NYCC. It’s up over at youtube, but I’ll just embed it down below.  I haven’t watched it and I probably won’t just because I have a very difficult time watching myself on camera, but hopefully the rest of you will find it amusing. 🙂   Thanks to the lovely person who recorded it! Also, just as a fun note, last Friday night after my comic con shenanigans, I got a chance to meet up with Marcus Wolf (Marcus is David Garrett’s guitarist and was super helpful when  I asked… Read more

Blog Tour Beginnings

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Okay – the Trace of Moonlight blog tour has officially begun. 😀 So this means in general, I’ll be posting up links every day to reviews, promo, guest blogs and interviews – check them out for a chance to win one of ten copies of A Trace of Moonlight. So first off – today there’s an interview today over at Preternatura, and a review over at Place of Reads. 😀 Additional business of interest? Word Whores is about to have an opening for another blogger, so we are looking for someone to fill the Monday slot – I’ve got feelers out to some people, though it’s a group decision between me and the other members. However, if you’re interested and know you can come up with a weekly post (on a chosen topic), drop me a line.… Read more