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io9 Review

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So the big news is that io9 reviewed Fox & Willow on Saturday – which is fabulous for us. As a self-published webcomic, getting any sort of publicity like this is sometimes very hard to come by. (And a special shout-out to Jane Kindred for helping us to get on their radar -thank you so much.) Of course, the offshoot is that I used up my 100k pageview /per month  limit on my stat tracker in about 24 hours. (That’s a *lot* of hits for us – and it’s been fun to watch the link be spread out to other sites like the Something Awful forums. Not quite viral or anything, but considering we haven’t been doing a huge amount for publicity, it’s pretty cool.) Not sure what I’ll do about the webstats – to upgrade my account will bump me into the $80 a month range, and if this… Read more