Fun With Phineas

Today’s blog tour post is all about Phineas. I get a lot of questions about the little ass, so I figured I’d so a character sheet for him. Check it out over at The Book Nympho to find out more about your favorite unicorn. (There’s a review over there too.)

In the meantime, someone was nice enough to record my panel at NYCC. It’s up over at youtube, but I’ll just embed it down below.  I haven’t watched it and I probably won’t just because I have a very difficult time watching myself on camera, but hopefully the rest of you will find it amusing. 🙂


Thanks to the lovely person who recorded it!

Also, just as a fun note, last Friday night after my comic con shenanigans, I got a chance to meet up with Marcus Wolf (Marcus is David Garrett’s guitarist and was super helpful when  I asked him a ton of really odd musical questions for the upcoming Melanie short story)  and Stephen Kris. (Stephen is a killer jewelry maker – all sorts of beautiful hand made rings and bracelets and earrings.) I work on both their websites off and on so shameless plug there.

It was very cold, so Marcus lent me his hat. 🙂

Also, he just released a music video, so I’m going to plug that too!

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