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Winter Storms and Character Cameos

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“…as people prepare for the chilly temperatures and pounding snow of Winter Storm Ion…” I flipped off the TV with a sigh, sinking deeper beneath the blanket. “Must be nice to have a storm named after you.” I yawned, curling into a tighter ball on the sofa. Outside, the wind rattled the windowpanes, a sliver of icy air creeping over the exposed skin at the nape of my neck. The incubus in question let out a disgruntled snort. “I would hardly refer to anything I do as ‘chilly’.” He paused, mouth quirking up at me. “They got the pounding part right, anyway.” Phin cocked an eye at us from where he sprawled in front of the TV. “I’ve got a storm for you. Right here in my pants.” “You’re not wearing pants,” I pointed out. “That’s pretty much the point,” he agreed, stretching out obscenely on his back. ~~ random Abby… Read more