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Winter Storms and Character Cameos

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“…as people prepare for the chilly temperatures and pounding snow of Winter Storm Ion…” I flipped off the TV with a sigh, sinking deeper beneath the blanket. “Must be nice to have a storm named after you.” I yawned, curling into a tighter ball on the sofa. Outside, the wind rattled the windowpanes, a sliver of icy air creeping over the exposed skin at the nape of my neck. The incubus in question let out a disgruntled snort. “I would hardly refer to anything I do as ‘chilly’.” He paused, mouth quirking up at me. “They got the pounding part right, anyway.” Phin cocked an eye at us from where he sprawled in front of the TV. “I’ve got a storm for you. Right here in my pants.” “You’re not wearing pants,” I pointed out. “That’s pretty much the point,” he agreed, stretching out obscenely on his back. ~~ random Abby… Read more


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So this is one of those things that’s lousy about being an author – having to deal with disappointment. But rather than drag it out, I’m just going to mention that due to publisher disinterest, there will be no more Abby Sinclair books.  (That’s the simple explanation, anyway. Not going to get into the more complicated one.) Now, the Melanie short story is still coming out in August 2013 – so things aren’t completely ended just yet, but otherwise? That’s all she wrote. The thing is, I still have stories I want to tell in this world, so once I figure things out a bit, I’m hoping to look at self pubbing some shorter Abby-centric stories to help fill in some gaps. (Or perhaps via additional anthologies.) Melanie does have a story to tell, as does Talivar, so I may look look at self pubbing separate books for them as… Read more

Tuesday Morning Shiny

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I’m stuck working from home today with freaked out nerve and hoping a day of ice will calm it down, so today’s post is just going to be full of silly things that make me laugh. First off is this lovely Abby/Brystion sketchcard by Aimo, commissioned as a gift for Danielle.  (And no, it doesn’t make me laugh, but it sure does make me smile.) You know what else makes me smile? Looking at the proofs for the Fox & Willow comic! We’re so close to starting it up (next week!) and I can’t wait to start posting it – Aimo has truly outdone herself. The artwork is fabulous (and I only hope my storytelling abilities do it justice.) Otherwise, a few other bits of random wtfkery… For some reason I can’t stop playing it. It’s so messed up, and yet so terribly catchy. And then I’ve got this lovely… Read more

Wednesday Morning Shiny

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Thought I’d unveil Darchala’s latest bit of artwork for me. (This will be next year’s holiday card, for sure.) I really love the scarf – I wasn’t sure if it would give Ion a “Mr. Tumnus” vibe or not, but I think he wears it rather well. And yes, those are unicorns prancing on Abby’s hat. Because of reasons.… Read more

Wednesday Shinies

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Blatantly pirating this gif off of tumblr (idea as per Jeffe) as my nod to SOPA. (Courtesy of The Oatmeal) And I’m keeping my own Tumblr dark today as well.  I realize it’s a rather small act in the scheme of things. Preaching to the choir and all that, but as addicted as I am to all things internet? Staying off Tumblr today has been really, really hard. It’s a goofy, chaotic place – but it makes me laugh and allows me to connect with a different set of people and I enjoy it. I’d actually be very sad if it (and other sites like it) fell to the likes of a bullshit bill written by people who have all the technological understanding of a dead monkey. *ahem* That in mind, I received a lovely bit of Brystion/Abby art yesterday, by the massively talented Emma Vieceli. It’s a little smutty,… Read more