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Without Tears

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Today’s blog is a bit muzzy. I always get a bit discombobulated when I end up doing something for my back (a second round of IV therapy), and it tends to cut into the day. Still waiting to see if the therapy is going to help – I was told it would take 2 or 3 rounds before we really knew anything. I felt really bad in the waiting room though – there was a lovely old lady who was clearly in so much  pain, she actually started crying when the nurse asked her what her pain level was. Except she couldn’t cry – apparently she’d had some terrible fall a few years past and whatever had happened (it was pretty awful, I’m guessing – think she cracked her skull real bad) – it took away her ability to create tears. But I guess she had some sort of recent… Read more

A Trace of Moonlight Trading Cards & Excerpt!

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So we’re finally heading into the final stretch before A Trace of Moonlight is released, so you guys know the drill. The book tour will be starting up in a few weeks and there will be giveaways and a live chat on release date…and here’s the latest set of trading cards by Darchala! We’ve got Charlie, Kitsune, Sonja and Robert in this batch (not counting the TartBarbie extra which I’m still deciding on.) I’ll be sending these off for printing soon – chances are I won’t have them in time for NYCC, but I will have them at WFC at the end of the month, so if you’re interested in a batch, let me know. 🙂 Otherwise, yes, the first chapter of A Trace of Moonlight is now officially up, so go tease yourself with that (though don’t expect any real answers to be forthcoming. I’m mean like that. It’s… Read more


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I’m not entirely sure what possessed me to commission Darchala for a TartBarbie trading card…but, yeah. I don’t even know if I’m going to get it printed up into card format – but if I do, I feel like it should be a limited edition thing, because really – how many cross-dressing, WoW playing daemons do YOU know? (Yes, I realize I killed him off, but his legacy lives on, yo.) Anyway, sorry for the lack of posting yesterday – several work emergencies and a late posting of Fox & Willow meant that I was busy putting out fires and not blogging, though I did write up something for Word Whores, and the latest F&W is now up, so check those out as per usual. Also, I’ll be posting the first chapter of A Trace of Moonlight on my website on Monday, so keep an eye out for that. 🙂… Read more

Trading Card Requests

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So I’m gearing up to do an additional swag run for A Trace of Moonlight. Now that I’ve got the cover ready to go, that makes things like bookmarks and stickers easy enough, but I also want to do another round of character trading cards. It will be another round of four, like the other sets, but I have to admit I’m a little torn as to who to get Darchala to draw this time. I’m sort of leaning toward Kitsune, simply because I love fox spirits, and I think Dar would do magnificent justice to her, but there are so many other characters that would also be good. So, dear readers and trading card collectors, who would YOU like to see? Robert? Charlie? Benjamin? Roweena, Jimmy Sqarefoot? The Queen? True Thomas? Didi? Katy? Brandon? Sonya? Tartbarbie? (For a character killed off in the first book, I do seem to… Read more

Midnight Shinies

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One elvish prince, coming up! (For those of you who want a sneak peek. Talivar makes a brief appearance at the end of A Brush of Darkness, but is a major character in A Sliver of Shadow). The awesome Darchala has sent me this lovely rough sketch of Talivar for his upcoming trading card. I dig the beardy stuff so much, I think I’m going to change it in the book. (Originally I had it so that elves couldn’t/didn’t have facial hair, but….yeah. The scruff suits him.) Figured I’d share the love. 🙂… Read more