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So one of the things I’ve been working on is the possibility of getting BoD turned into a comic book/graphic novel. There’s some proposals kicking around out there, but as I’ve previously noted, publishing can be a very slow business, so it could be some time before I get any definitive yes or no. (Yeah, it really would be about the coolest damn thing ever for me. I love comics. I love manga. To see my words in this format would be so utterly brilliant I can hardly contain myself.) Anyway, even if it happens I’ll probably have very little say in the artistic side of things – but while I was working on the proposals I did want to have some concept art on hand (the last of which has come in today.) In the next few days I’ll put some of the scene sketches here on the official… Read more

Word Whore Thursday & St. Patty’s Day Contest!

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I’m over at Word-Whores today talking a little bit o’ the drink (complete with ragingly sexist Guinness commercial), and a killer Guineess & Bailey’s cupcake recipe that I found online, so go check it out! In the meantime, because it’s St. Patrick’s Day and therefore full of win, I’m giving away a set of all four of my new trading cards! Open to everyone/international – just leave a comment down below stating which character from A Brush of Darkness you’d like to have a drink with…and what you’d be having! Winner will be drawn at random. 🙂  (Quite possibly by hedgehog, if I can get Tumbleweed to deprickle a bit…) Here’s a shot of the fronts of the cards if you haven’t seen them before:… Read more