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Trading Card Requests

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So I’m gearing up to do an additional swag run for A Trace of Moonlight. Now that I’ve got the cover ready to go, that makes things like bookmarks and stickers easy enough, but I also want to do another round of character trading cards. It will be another round of four, like the other sets, but I have to admit I’m a little torn as to who to get Darchala to draw this time. I’m sort of leaning toward Kitsune, simply because I love fox spirits, and I think Dar would do magnificent justice to her, but there are so many other characters that would also be good. So, dear readers and trading card collectors, who would YOU like to see? Robert? Charlie? Benjamin? Roweena, Jimmy Sqarefoot? The Queen? True Thomas? Didi? Katy? Brandon? Sonya? Tartbarbie? (For a character killed off in the first book, I do seem to… Read more