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Tuesday Morning Shiny

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Since Carniepunk is coming out in a few months (July 23rd!), I decided to have Darchala draw me out a lovely scene from my story, A Duet with Darkness. (It’s not an exact match as far as the story goes, but it’s freaking awesome and I love it. So there.  Plus Dar got the livestream working and I was able to watch her work.) We wavered a bit on a title and finally decided on “Pride and a Fall” – though the working title was “No More Pride, Little Bird”  – honestly I couldn’t decide between the two. But we’ve got Melanie there with the red hair and the rainbow socks…and her sin-eater fallen angel paramour Nobu. *sighs* I may look at turning it into a print if there’s interest. Also, it looks like Carniepunk is going to be released in audiobook format as well. This tickles me silly, though… Read more

Holiday Cheer

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Just a quick note today during my break from training to announce that I’ve got Brush of Darkness holiday cards available now in my Zazzle store! (this lovely design is by Darchala, of course.)                 I’ve also got last years’s design still available too (by Jakface!)  … Read more

Friday Afternoon Shiny

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The brilliant @Darchala painted up a larger shot of Brystion from his trading card. (It’s not completely finished, but I actually really like it rough like this**. It suits him.) Go visit her DA page and give her some love! ** No, that’s *NOT* what I meant. Get your heads out of the gutter, pervs.… Read more