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Updates and Cover Flats

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It’s actually been a little while since I’ve had time to make an update post, so here we go. First off, even though the cover to A Sliver of Shadow hasn’t officially been released, I’ve got a little sneak peek here. (And I can start giving them away, so yay!) I’m hoping to get a large copy up here soon, as well as a first chapter excerpt and related information. Only a few more months to go before the release date, so I’m getting very excited about it. All edits have been completed and turned in and I’m just plugging away at the third BoD book (still sans title, but that will come.) Otherwise – there are several contests and giveaways going on in the blogosphere that I’m going to list here (most of which include a copy of A Brush of Darkness as part of the prize(s). Jaye Wells… Read more


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So one of the things I’ve been working on is the possibility of getting BoD turned into a comic book/graphic novel. There’s some proposals kicking around out there, but as I’ve previously noted, publishing can be a very slow business, so it could be some time before I get any definitive yes or no. (Yeah, it really would be about the coolest damn thing ever for me. I love comics. I love manga. To see my words in this format would be so utterly brilliant I can hardly contain myself.) Anyway, even if it happens I’ll probably have very little say in the artistic side of things – but while I was working on the proposals I did want to have some concept art on hand (the last of which has come in today.) In the next few days I’ll put some of the scene sketches here on the official… Read more