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Judge This

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Somehow in the hub-bub of the release madness and upcoming revisions and blog-tour-o-rama…I signed up to be a judge for an upcoming writing contest. It’s actually been a while for me, but the standard stuff still applies. Most RWA sorts of contests give you a sheet of points you’re supposed to look for.  And these entries are the first 5 pages only, so for a time constraint that shouldn’t be too bad, though somehow I ended up with 8 of them…in the Contemporary Romance category.  Not that I tend to read contemporary anything for fun, but for contests it’s fine – good writing is good writing, no matter what genre it’s in. Each contest is different of course – usually judges are looking for the basic things like grammar and sentence structure, but then there’s often a series of specific items – Hooks, Voice, Plot. (Sometimes it’s *really* specific –… Read more

Vision to the Voice

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I finally wrapped up the first chapter of something new the other night. I let a few people read it and the overall feedback was good, but the more I looked at it, the less happy I was. So…I’m starting it over. Which is odd, because I’m a big fan of at least getting a full draft done before I start mucking with everything (otherwise it’s way too easy to fall into the habit of the constant edit/rewrite. I don’t want to go there.) But I do think a story has a better chance at successfully being told if the “voice” is consistent with the muse. Part of my issue may be because I’ve spent three years in Abby’s head. It’s hard for me not to look at a new story and not see her in there. As much as I love writing her, this isn’t her story or her… Read more

Back From the Brink

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…so to speak. Obviously I haven’t been blogging for a few days. It’s the fun of the family and holiday thing, I guess. That and continuing to work on my quick and dirty revisions for A Trace of Moonlight before I hand the draft into the editor next week. Incidentally, A Trace of Moonlight is the official title now. (It’s what the end of SoS lists as the snippet for the next book, so I’ll run with that assumption, anyway.) (And like everything else I write, my standard MO applies. I come and go in waves both as I write and edit, wavering between, “wow, this is actually pretty good” to “Jesus, this is the worst piece of crap to ever come off the keyboard.” However, I’m about halfway through here, and so far I’m actually feeling okay about it. Doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement – there’s always… Read more

Updates and Cover Flats

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It’s actually been a little while since I’ve had time to make an update post, so here we go. First off, even though the cover to A Sliver of Shadow hasn’t officially been released, I’ve got a little sneak peek here. (And I can start giving them away, so yay!) I’m hoping to get a large copy up here soon, as well as a first chapter excerpt and related information. Only a few more months to go before the release date, so I’m getting very excited about it. All edits have been completed and turned in and I’m just plugging away at the third BoD book (still sans title, but that will come.) Otherwise – there are several contests and giveaways going on in the blogosphere that I’m going to list here (most of which include a copy of A Brush of Darkness as part of the prize(s). Jaye Wells… Read more

Where I Am Today

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Okay – things are crazy today, but here we go: 1) I’m over at Word Whores talking a little bit about nightmares (including a small excerpt from A Brush of Darkness) 2) I have a guest blog post today over at Literary Escapisms talking about why I write fantasy. Leave a comment about why you like fantasy for a chance to win a signed copy of A Brush of Darkness 3) A Brush of Darkness was the featured book over at Ciara Knight‘s blog today! Stop on by. 🙂 4) You still have time to enter the following giveaways: Queen of Happy Endings Babbling Flow – Ends Today! The OddShots – Ends Today! Okay, think that’s it. Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned I was going to be all over the place for a few weeks? Yeah. That’s started. Gonna be a wild ride. 🙂 And yay –… Read more