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Merry Merry

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So I wasn’t originally expecting this to be done until next week (I’m doing an author blog hop and I wanted something fun for the post), but the marvelous Jakface delivered in less than 24 hours and I adore the image so much I’m tossing it up here now…and if anyone’s interested, the design is also available in the Zazzle store for your Holiday cards. Because of reasons.… Read more

Mini Pre-Turkey Day Updates

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Just a little post today to wish everyone safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving. (I probably won’t be blogging for a few days – everyone needs a break, right?) But a few small things of note: 1) A Brush of Darkness was listed as one of Vampire Book Club’s Best Books of 2011 – go check it out and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of it (or one of the other fab books listed. ) 2) All Things Urban Fantasy gives the cover for A Sliver of Shadow two thumbs up. Huzzah! 3) A lovely review of BoD over on Literary Escapism today as well.. I’ve got some swag ordered for SoS – I should have bookmarks and stickers sometime next week, and Darchala is hard at work on the next set of character trading cards, so hopefully those should be done soon. Also –… Read more

Smackdown! & Updates

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Okay – just a little post today to note that A Brush of Darkness is over at Bitten by Books today/this weekend as part of their Smackdown. So go check it out and vote for your favorite. 🙂 (Vote poll is on the right side column, not in the comments…) Otherwise, things are pretty quiet overall, although I will say that I’m probably going to have to leave the house this weekend if I want to get any editing done. I picked up a copy of Lego Pirate of the Caribbean the other day, and OMG it’s addictive. (And I’m a big fan of most of the other Lego games too, but it tickles me to death to play a little Lego Captain Jack.  Not a fan of the split screen action, but guess that’s okay). Yes, I’ll probably go see the movie this weekend too. *cough* Gotta get my pirate action… Read more

Fresh Pick

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Well, yours truly hosed the resonator of her car this morning. (Stupid curb). While I wait for the local car shop to call me back and tell me what the damage is**, I thought I’d mention that A Brush of Darkness is Fresh Fiction’s Fresh Pick today! ** And by damage, I mean $$. Dealership wants $1200 to fix, so anything under that is a win, I suspect. Bleah. And yes, I realize that having my car engine sounding like I’m driving a crappy lawn mower every time I hit the accelerator isn’t life threatening. It is, however, extremely annoying. Guess, I’m just OCD like that. Mechanical stuff needs to work or I get cranky. ‘Nuff said.… Read more

Swag the Dog

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Okay – only a few weeks left until convention season starts, but I wanted to show off one of the new items I’ll be handing out (starting at Romantic Times): Brush of Darkness trading cards! Apparently these are the new cool things to have, and I had a custom set of four designed by the marvelous Darchala last week. 🙂 I’m still working on the backs, which should include names and quotes and all that fun stuff, but hopefully I’ll have them off to the printer this week. (Got a favorite character quote? Let me know!) The cards are small – only 2.5. x 3.5 inches, so we wanted to keep the designs simple. Portraits seemed like the thing to do – and obviously we’ve got Abby, Ion, Phin and Melanie to start. I’ll add to these as I can, but I have to order them in sets of 500… Read more