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Lego Con, Part 1

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Okay – so here’s the thing – I spent several hours on Saturday in my version of paradise – namely a Lego convention. (I’m sure some of you don’t get it. That’s okay. There was a film crew there doing a documentary, so I suppose it’s possible I was caught on camera somewhere…) Anyway – took a ton of pictures – so I’m uploading a bunch of them now and then I’ll sift through the DH’s camera and see if I can find any that aren’t repeats. Some of the pics are a little blurry and some just don’t capture the sheer amount of detail in them, so you’ll just have to take my word on how freaking incredible they were. (And OMG – some are nostalgic in the extreme. My brother *had* all those old school space ones and we used to play with them for hours.) Keep an… Read more

Lego Weekend

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Though I normally reserve Lego building for after book projects, I gave myself a long pass last week. Healing ┬ábeing what it is, I really just wanted something that would take my mind off my pain and discomfort. So I turned to Lego – and more importantly the latest LotR Lego sets that were just released over the last several weeks. I did the Battle at the Black Gate a few weeks ago, which is rather delicious in it’s creepy factor. It even included a Mouth of Sauron minifig, which is pretty cool, considering you only saw that guy if you had the extended verison of the movies. Nice they included him.   Creepy mouth. ­čśë           I also did the Council of Elrond which has a really nice Rivendell palette. Lots of fun greens and golds, and finally an Arwen mini fig. I know LoTR/The… Read more

Smackdown! & Updates

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Okay – just a little post today to note that A Brush of Darkness is over at Bitten by Books today/this weekend as part of their Smackdown. So go check it out and vote for your favorite. ­čÖé (Vote poll is on the right side column, not in the comments…) Otherwise, things are pretty quiet overall, although I will say that I’m probably going to have to leave the house this weekend if I want to get any editing done. I picked up a copy of Lego Pirate of the┬áCaribbean┬áthe other day, and OMG it’s addictive. (And I’m a big fan of most of the other Lego games too, but it tickles me to death to play a little Lego Captain Jack. ┬áNot a fan of the split screen action, but guess that’s okay). Yes, I’ll probably go see the movie this weekend too. *cough* Gotta get my pirate action… Read more