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Lego Weekend

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Though I normally reserve Lego building for after book projects, I gave myself a long pass last week. Healing ¬†being what it is, I really just wanted something that would take my mind off my pain and discomfort. So I turned to Lego – and more importantly the latest LotR Lego sets that were just released over the last several weeks. I did the Battle at the Black Gate a few weeks ago, which is rather delicious in it’s creepy factor. It even included a Mouth of Sauron minifig, which is pretty cool, considering you only saw that guy if you had the extended verison of the movies. Nice they included him.   Creepy mouth. ūüėČ           I also did the Council of Elrond which has a really nice Rivendell palette. Lots of fun greens and golds, and finally an Arwen mini fig. I know LoTR/The… Read more

Lego My Legolas

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So Lego apparently released a big round of Lord of the Rings Lego sets…and I sorta bought them. All of them. Partially for nostalgia reasons – I grew up with Legos , but when I was a kid they were mostly marketed to boys, and they certainly weren’t quite as slick as they are today. (I seem to remember they had space Legos, and Lego City stuff…and maybe some castle stuff, and that was about it for a while. Now tho? It’s all tied in to current pop culture and they really make an effort to tie things in.) I like putting them together – for some reason I find it a great way to blow off stress, but I also get the added family bonus because Connor and I can work on them together.¬†I let him put some of the smaller sets together by himself – he did Shelob,… Read more