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The World Spins Madly On

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So I guess I’m just never destined to blog on a regular basis at this point, but I’ll continue to try. As far as book news goes – the edits for Magpie’s Fall were finally completed a few weeks ago – I’ve gone through them and turned them back over to my editor and it’s currently out for a cold read with a few people. I should have that back shortly and failing any other setbacks, I will have it formatted and ready to go for publication at some point in June (once I know the exact date and the pre-order info and all that I’ll post it ASAP.) Print will most likely follow a short time after that, but my goal here is to get the ebook out as quickly as I can. It’s been a long road and I’m sorry for that, but circumstances were beyond my control… Read more

Giving an Avatar a Chance

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So it turns out that the latest season of Korra has suddenly been moved to digital only due to bad ratings.  I’m assuming it’s going to be a bit more complex than that, but hopefully we’ll know more tomorrow. But ratings aside, you wouldn’t think Korra was in any trouble by living in my house. Lucy adores the newest incarnation of the Avatar series – in fact, we’ve watched every episode of the current season 2 or 3 times this week alone. And really, why wouldn’t she? The main character is a young woman of color, set in a familiar, beloved world. Sure there are plenty of plot issues and flaws, but looking at it from the perspective of a seven year old girl, that doesn’t particularly matter – what *does* matter is representation. Korra is young, headstrong, brash, impulsive, and physically muscular. She has cool powers and an animal companion and… Read more

Weaving Threads

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I’m not entirely sure what possessed me into thinking I might be able to teach a 7 year old the beginnings of cross-stitching. But we’re trying it anyway. I made some major headway with my revisions this weekend – so to reward myself I pulled out my current cross-stitch project. Which is enormous, on linen, and has a shit-ton of weird stitches, ribbon, mixed colors and blending filaments. (Think we’re only missing beads at this point, sheesh.) Lucy watched and wanted to help, but with a project as complicated as this, I really need to focus on where I’m putting the needle – I don’t want to screw it up and be forced to undo and redo the work. (And honestly, I think I’m gonna need a magnifying glass soon – linen holes are very hard to see for me, so the potential for miscounting is very high.) But Lucy… Read more

Writing Voice

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In cleaning Lucy’s room this weekend, I came across her 1st grade journal – basically it’s one of those class things where the students are required to write about something every day. Most of Lucy’s entries are an odd mix of things – wanting to be a Ninja or a werewolf or some random ramblings about trees and how happy she is that there aren’t any that have been cut down around our house. It’s funny, because in meeting with her teacher this year, there was a lot of talk about her writing “voice” and how distinct it is. Which is one of those elusive things authors tend to talk about – no matter how good a writer’s grasp is on story or plot, you can’t really teach voice. It’s something you have or you don’t, although I believe it can certainly be cultivated – it’s the unique thing about… Read more


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So if you follow me on Facebook or Tumblr at all, you probably saw me post this lovely drawing by Lucy yesterday. Yes, it’s a heart taking a poo. I don’t particularly understand her logic behind why it needs to take a dump in an outdoor toilet, but 6 year old minds are a wonderful puzzlement. Maybe it’s a statement about love. On the other hand the rest of her journal is full of stories and pictures that make me think she’s going to be a romance writer. Yes, there are pictures of ninjas – several of them, in fact, but she was very excited to share one of the stories last night involving a little boy who was bullied. (Complete with pictures of children lining up and kicking the boy. The children all have huge shoes. Perhaps they are Dutch?) Eventually the little boy meets a girl who is… Read more