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Trust No One

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And here you probably thought this post was about the X-Files reboot. 😉 Alas, no – though I’m not above snagging a bit of the original opening credits to use for a picture. I suppose it would also apply to the recent kerfluffle from the romance writing world involving a certain blogger/author, but to be honest, I don’t know that much about it and I’m not particularly interested in weighing in on it. In this case, I’m actually speaking from a gaming perspective, specifically navigating the murky waters of online interaction, particularly when it comes to kids. Bullying, of course, comes in many forms – it’s been around forever – but the way in which it’s done has clearly changed. With the advent of social media, things can go viral in mere seconds, guaranteeing humiliation can live on for a very long time. As much as I was bullied growing… Read more


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So if you follow me on Facebook or Tumblr at all, you probably saw me post this lovely drawing by Lucy yesterday. Yes, it’s a heart taking a poo. I don’t particularly understand her logic behind why it needs to take a dump in an outdoor toilet, but 6 year old minds are a wonderful puzzlement. Maybe it’s a statement about love. On the other hand the rest of her journal is full of stories and pictures that make me think she’s going to be a romance writer. Yes, there are pictures of ninjas – several of them, in fact, but she was very excited to share one of the stories last night involving a little boy who was bullied. (Complete with pictures of children lining up and kicking the boy. The children all have huge shoes. Perhaps they are Dutch?) Eventually the little boy meets a girl who is… Read more

Lego My Legolas

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So Lego apparently released a big round of Lord of the Rings Lego sets…and I sorta bought them. All of them. Partially for nostalgia reasons – I grew up with Legos , but when I was a kid they were mostly marketed to boys, and they certainly weren’t quite as slick as they are today. (I seem to remember they had space Legos, and Lego City stuff…and maybe some castle stuff, and that was about it for a while. Now tho? It’s all tied in to current pop culture and they really make an effort to tie things in.) I like putting them together – for some reason I find it a great way to blow off stress, but I also get the added family bonus because Connor and I can work on them together. I let him put some of the smaller sets together by himself – he did Shelob,… Read more

Who Needs Classes?

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Lucy insists she wants to be an author and an illustrator. Which is fine by me. She’s constantly bringing home little books that she’s written. (And since she’s five, no, the writing doesn’t always make sense, but her explanations do – so she’s got a natural story-telling ability.) She’s just learning to really read for herself too, and she takes such delight now in reading TO me, instead of the other way around. And maybe that’s a girl thing, because I don’t really remember Connor taking to it like that at all. He was bored in general with trying to learn to read, although now that he’s discovered real storybooks (i.e. Percy Jackson, etc – he’s all over them. They’re a bit above his age level, but there’s nothing wrong with that – I was reading Piers Anthony at that age, so fine by me. Anything that keeps him motivated… Read more

Cast Away

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I’ve always really disliked the movie Cast Away (the one with Tom Hanks living on the island for four years?). I don’t know why. It was an excellent film, but it depresses the hell out of me and I generally won’t watch it if I come across it on TV. Anyway, it was on last night and Connor and mr myn got sucked into it. And I thought it might be a bit heavy of a subject for a 7 year old, but he was fairly insistent about wanting to know what happened. And yes, he got extremely upset. Not because the main character was in a plane crash, or struggling to live alone or trying to escape off the island. Or because he came home and found out the rest of the world had moved on without him. No, Connor was actually completely heartbroken over the loss of Wilson.… Read more