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Lego Weekend

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Though I normally reserve Lego building for after book projects, I gave myself a long pass last week. Healing ¬†being what it is, I really just wanted something that would take my mind off my pain and discomfort. So I turned to Lego – and more importantly the latest LotR Lego sets that were just released over the last several weeks. I did the Battle at the Black Gate a few weeks ago, which is rather delicious in it’s creepy factor. It even included a Mouth of Sauron minifig, which is pretty cool, considering you only saw that guy if you had the extended verison of the movies. Nice they included him.   Creepy mouth. ūüėČ           I also did the Council of Elrond which has a really nice Rivendell palette. Lots of fun greens and golds, and finally an Arwen mini fig. I know LoTR/The… Read more