Smackdown! & Updates

Okay – just a little post today to note that A Brush of Darkness is over at Bitten by Books today/this weekend as part of their Smackdown. So go check it out and vote for your favorite. 🙂

(Vote poll is on the right side column, not in the comments…)

Otherwise, things are pretty quiet overall, although I will say that I’m probably going to have to leave the house this weekend if I want to get any editing done. I picked up a copy of Lego Pirate of the Caribbean the other day, and OMG it’s addictive. (And I’m a big fan of most of the other Lego games too, but it tickles me to death to play a little Lego Captain Jack.  Not a fan of the split screen action, but guess that’s okay).

Yes, I’ll probably go see the movie this weekend too. *cough* Gotta get my pirate action in where I can, savvy?

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