Come the Rapture?

Not that I’m one to judge a person’s religious affiliations, you understand. People should be allowed to believe what they want, but I do admit to feeling a bit of anger at the way some people allow themselves to be duped into believing a con man.

Watching some poor pregnant girl, days away from giving birth, crying her eyes out – not because she was forced to sell most of her worldly possessions to travel to where the Rapture would start – but because her mother didn’t believe and refused to come with her – pretty much broke my heart. The girl didn’t want her mother to be left behind, but believing herself to be one of the chosen ones meant that her faith made her go.

That’s a pretty bitter pill to swallow, folks.

It’s also pretty arrogant.

I guess I just wonder at the mindset that is so willing to believe that this world is terrible enough that you’d actually wish its destruction, rather than take responsibility for your actions. Yes, the world has problems – but it’s *always* had problems. Since monkeys turned into men**, there’s not a doubt we’re a self-destructive, violent force. And that sucks.

But there is hope. We have the ability to reason. To be altruistic. We have the potential for peace, even if we choose not to use it.

But I suppose that is what makes us human.

** yeah yeah – evolution. I know apes didn’t *become* men…but we shared a common ancestor somewhere down the pipe. Makes us cousins, anyway.

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