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Swag the Dog

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Okay – only a few weeks left until convention season starts, but I wanted to show off one of the new items I’ll be handing out (starting at Romantic Times): Brush of Darkness trading cards! Apparently these are the new cool things to have, and I had a custom set of four designed by the marvelous Darchala last week. ūüôā I’m still working on the backs, which should include names and quotes and all that fun stuff, but hopefully I’ll have them off to the printer this week. (Got a favorite character quote? Let me know!) The cards are small – only 2.5. x 3.5 inches, so we wanted to keep the designs simple. Portraits seemed like the thing to do – and obviously we’ve got Abby, Ion, Phin and Melanie to start. I’ll add to these as I can, but I have to order them in sets of 500… Read more