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NYCC or Bust

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Just a little note to pop in and say that I’m heading to NYCC on Friday. Aimo, my partner-in-crime, is currently headed stateside as I type this and will be joining me for a few days of fun and sightseeing. Although we’re not attending as guests/panelists, feel free to hit us up via social media – we’d love to have a little Sad Sausage Dogs impromptu hang out and we’ve got plenty of Fox & Willow swag to give away! 🙂 And, yes – we will probably be hitting up that Bioware thing on Saturday night, so we should be easy to find there, huzzah! Hope to see you there!… Read more

Fox & Willow

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So happy to announce that the first page of Fox & Willow is now live! (New pages up every Monday and Thursday, so please check it out and follow along.) I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that it’s up  – and Aimo has completely outdone herself. I’m truly in awe of her talent, and so grateful we’ve been able to work together on this project. I’m still learning how to best wrap my novelist head around the comic-book medium, but so far it has been fun. (Of course, we can only show it a little at a time – which is hard when we’ve got a chunk of pages wrapped up and we just want to share them all at once!) In the meantime, revisions for A Trace of Moonlight are finished and have been sent into the editor. I’ll be getting the copyedits back in… Read more

Frame This

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Okay – sorry about the lousy photos – I just have no skillz and there was a crazy reflection coming off the glass, but what I really wanted to do here was plug the place I bought the frames from. If you have sketchcard/trading cards and are looking to frame them – definitely check out https://www.framemytradingcard.com You can get the matting in a bunch of different colors and there’s all sorts of different sizes to choose from. (And if you don’t see what you want, contact them – they’re really good about custom orders.) But what really sealed it for me was that the backs of the mats actually have little pocket/edges you can slide the cards into so they stay in place. 🙂 The cards themselves are actually commissioned sketches by Aimo of my BoD characters, plus one Hawke/Fenris shot. Just because. And actually, since I was on a… Read more

Sad Sausage Dogs Update

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Just a little post to say that Sad Sausage Dogs is now “unofficially” up and running, though there are still a few bumps to flatten out. However, we’ve got a Twitter page and Facebook fan page up now as well and eventually the comic pages and additional updates will automatically feed into that. (And once we get going with that, I’ll probably feed it onto my own Facebook pages too – we’ll have to see. Even though Fox & Willow isn’t running yet, Aimo does have some fun little bits of art we’ll be uploading there as we go, and today we’ve started with a piece she did for the Womanthology Valentine’s Day extra, so go check it out. (Link to her recorded LiveStream too, so you can watch her work!) As an aside, Aimo also drew us little avatars. And I have to post mine here, because honestly? Phineas… Read more


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No, I don’t know what’s going on in this gif here, but I find it oddly compelling. Understand that I’m feeling a tad gleeful at finally getting some back end code for the Sad Sausage Dogs tester site to work. It’s the small things, really – and I haven’t done any real web design/coding on a regular basis in quite a while, but I was up until about 2 last night working on it. And the problem is, I couldn’t get part of it working, and even though I was so tired I was staring at the code cross-eyed, my brain wouldn’t shut down. So I go to bed and all I’m seeing is potential hacks and workarounds and things to try. On one level, I sorta dig it – it’s like a puzzle and if I just keep moving the pieces around, sooner or later I’ll make it fit.… Read more