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No, I don’t know what’s going on in this gif here, but I find it oddly compelling. Understand that I’m feeling a tad gleeful at finally getting some back end code for the Sad Sausage Dogs tester site to work. It’s the small things, really – and I haven’t done any real web design/coding on a regular basis in quite a while, but I was up until about 2 last night working on it. And the problem is, I couldn’t get part of it working, and even though I was so tired I was staring at the code cross-eyed, my brain wouldn’t shut down. So I go to bed and all I’m seeing is potential hacks and workarounds and things to try. On one level, I sorta dig it – it’s like a puzzle and if I just keep moving the pieces around, sooner or later I’ll make it fit.… Read more

Changing My Ways

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I’ve almost always been a hard-core panster. I don’t like outlines. I barely keep track of anything going on with my stories or characters except for what’s in my head. Something about writing it down tends to destroy the urge to actually continue with the story. On the other hand, it tends to mean I have a more work to do with my revisions. Mini-plots that went nowhere. Extra characters that are…extra. But the beauty of word processing and the multitude of edits involved with the production of a book do allow for changes to be made, often until a few weeks before actual printing. (Assuming by that point it’s small stuff. If it’s not? Well, then I’ve probably got bigger problems than a few typos.) But, as I’m working on drafting the first issue of the web-comic (in between wrapping up the draft of A Trace of Moonlight*), I’m… Read more