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Word Whore Thursday

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I’m over at Word Whores for my regularly scheduled post – today it’s about favorite TV shows. Stop on by for a warped look at my childhood favs (lots of Marty & Krofft in there, *ahem*) Aside from that, I’ve got an author interview over at Between Dreams and Reality. And Night Owl Reviews was kind enough to give A Sliver of Shadow 4.5 stars and made it a top pick! Also, here’s a little preview image of a rough look at the Fox & Willow cover art (which will be updated when we go live, but I really dig the design of it.) I’m cranking through a rather simple website design and I’m hoping to go live with that in the next few weeks so that we’ve got an actual landing pad for Sad Sausage Dogs. *wipes brow* Who needs sleep?… Read more

Changing My Ways

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I’ve almost always been a hard-core panster. I don’t like outlines. I barely keep track of anything going on with my stories or characters except for what’s in my head. Something about writing it down tends to destroy the urge to actually continue with the story. On the other hand, it tends to mean I have a more work to do with my revisions. Mini-plots that went nowhere. Extra characters that are…extra. But the beauty of word processing and the multitude of edits involved with the production of a book do allow for changes to be made, often until a few weeks before actual printing. (Assuming by that point it’s small stuff. If it’s not? Well, then I’ve probably got bigger problems than a few typos.) But, as I’m working on drafting the first issue of the web-comic (in between wrapping up the draft of A Trace of Moonlight*), I’m… Read more

Mini Pre-Turkey Day Updates

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Just a little post today to wish everyone safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving. (I probably won’t be blogging for a few days – everyone needs a break, right?) But a few small things of note: 1) A Brush of Darkness was listed as one of Vampire Book Club’s Best Books of 2011 – go check it out and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of it (or one of the other fab books listed. ) 2) All Things Urban Fantasy gives the cover for A Sliver of Shadow two thumbs up. Huzzah! 3) A lovely review of BoD over on Literary Escapism today as well.. I’ve got some swag ordered for SoS – I should have bookmarks and stickers sometime next week, and Darchala is hard at work on the next set of character trading cards, so hopefully those should be done soon. Also –… Read more

Sad Sausage Dogs

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So I’ve been hinting off and on for a few months about doing some extra projects on the side (aside from the writing), and here’s the skinny. As a for-fun collab project,  I’m writing a web comic series with Aimo. (We’re looking at an online pub date of Spring 2012.) I’m doing this for a number of reasons – as I’ve stated before, I’ve always wanted to try my hand at this, and as a fan of comics and graphics novels in general, I’ve definitely got some stories in mind that I feel would translate really well to this particular medium. (And frankly, Aimo agreeing to collab with me is a bit of a pipe-dream come true. I adore her artistic style, so I’m very excited to see what we can create together.) As far as storyline goes, it’s going to be an original piece, not set in any of… Read more