Sad Sausage Dogs

So I’ve been hinting off and on for a few months about doing some extra projects on the side (aside from the writing), and here’s the skinny.

As a for-fun collab project,  I’m writing a web comic series with Aimo. (We’re looking at an online pub date of Spring 2012.)

I’m doing this for a number of reasons – as I’ve stated before, I’ve always wanted to try my hand at this, and as a fan of comics and graphics novels in general, I’ve definitely got some stories in mind that I feel would translate really well to this particular medium. (And frankly, Aimo agreeing to collab with me is a bit of a pipe-dream come true. I adore her artistic style, so I’m very excited to see what we can create together.)

As far as storyline goes, it’s going to be an original piece, not set in any of my books, and it will focus somewhat on fairy tales (although there’s an underlying story arc that we both came up with that I really, really love.)

We’ll be hosting the strip over at (not officially up yet as I’m working on the web design now, but figured I’d throw it out there.) Don’t ask about the name. >_< Yes, there are pervy reasons behind it…but they shall remain sekret for now.

In the meantime, I’ll make updates as I can. I can’t wait to show you all what we’ve got in store. 🙂

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