Seeing Double

I started wearing glasses some time in the 4th grade. I have a vague recollection of being able to see just fine one moment and then looking a something at the board and having just the faintest edges start to waver out of focus.

I must have said something to someone, because shortly after that point, I ended up with glasses. (Although I have no recollection of the actual process of getting the things.)

And of course, this was circa 1984, so the glasses I got were ginormous bug-eyed looking things, made of heavy glass.  (Seriously, WTF was up with fashion in those days? We all look so damn goofy with our knee high socks and our short shorts. And giant puffy ringlet curl perms. And buggy glasses.)  I got my first pair of contacts in 8th grade and I’ve never looked back, so to speak.

And since my dad dropped off two huge boxes of pictures at the house this week, I’ll see if I can’t come up with a lovely shot of me in my pre-teen dork glory. (Truly, it has to be seen to be believed.)

But the main point I had here was that I took Lucy to the eye doc’s this past weekend, and yup – she needs glasses, though it’s for astigmatism.  (And doc says if we hit it up now, there’s a good chance she might not need glasses in the future, though I won’t hold my breath. Bad eyes run in the family on both sizes, so we shall see.)

She’s not thrilled about it, but it’s just amazing to me how tiny and cute the glasses are now. (And scratch resistant!) Instead of being all bug-eyed, she’s going to look like a little hipster, (in blue or purple, no doubt.) And hopefully, they’ll help her out in school. (I’m wondering if some of her fidgety nature is actually being caused by lack of ability to focus on the Smart Board.).

Odd, though – because I really didn’t realize she needed them. And really, why would I? She doesn’t squint or complain about not being able to see things…but if this has been a long term issue, how would she know? If all your letters are a little blurry, that’s the norm. So I’m actually a little excited to see if she notices the difference.

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