Sad Sausage Dogs Update

Just a little post to say that Sad Sausage Dogs is now “unofficially” up and running, though there are still a few bumps to flatten out.

However, we’ve got a Twitter page and Facebook fan page up now as well and eventually the comic pages and additional updates will automatically feed into that. (And once we get going with that, I’ll probably feed it onto my own Facebook pages too – we’ll have to see.

Even though Fox & Willow isn’t running yet, Aimo does have some fun little bits of art we’ll be uploading there as we go, and today we’ve started with a piece she did for the Womanthology Valentine’s Day extra, so go check it out. (Link to her recorded LiveStream too, so you can watch her work!)

As an aside, Aimo also drew us little avatars. And I have to post mine here, because honestly? Phineas and Tumbleweed are playing cards in it.

Epic. Win.



(My desk has never actually been this clean. Ever. The unicorn has a better chance at being real than my desk will ever have at being that empty. Shhhh. All part of the fantasy.)

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