Don’t Be a Dick

Last night was Lucy’s kindergarten concert.

I only know this because I was there – not because I actually saw her perform.

Even though she was in the front row of her group.

I was sitting about 10 rows back from the stage, so I should have been able to see her just fine.

But I couldn’t.

Because for some reason, a huge chunk of the parents in front of me decided it was more important for them to stand during most of the performance. Or to hold their cameras up to film it in its entirety, arms blocking everything. (Including one father who basically just stood up holding his iPad.)

And you know – I get that this moment is important for some people. But that doesn’t give parents the right to be dick-bags. We’d all like to see our kids perform. (And thanks to those parents who stood on the walls with their cameras – THAT is how you film your kid, btw.)   I mean – stand up, take a pic or two and sit down. Welcome to civilization, eh?

But I guess what bothers me the most is the massive sense of entitlement so many of these parents have. Obviously their kids are important to them – and that’s fine. Kids *should* be important to their parents…but it’s also fairly indicative of society in general and the “me first” mentality that has become so prevalent today.

I don’t think I even saw a single apologetic backward glance from anyone. (Which wouldn’t have made things any better, but if you’re going to be a dick-bag, acknowledging it is a good first step.)

And yes, I could have gotten up and moved to the wall, but you know what? I shouldn’t freaking have to.  I also could have stood up and blocked the people behind me, but I didn’t do that either.

I don’t know. It feels like all we’re doing is teaching our kids that they are the ONLY thing that matters.

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