Putting Out

The thing about social networking is that there has to be a measure of honesty about it – at least if you’re trying to make actual connections with people.  I tend to go fairly light on the promo stuff most of the time unless I’ve got an interview or something to mention. I probably *should* do it more, but it’s just not me.

Call it modesty, if you want, or laziness, or whatever, but I’m not fond of the selling myself aspect of authorship. Probably makes me a Bad Promotion Author, but that’s okay. No one really seems to know what sells books anyway – promo, ads, swag – whatever. In the end it should be about the words, though sometimes it’s really just luck and timing.

At any rate, many authors are introverts – so the idea of blogging or facebooking can be fairly intimidating. It doesn’t mean they’re not worth a try – after all, shoving through the comfort zone can often bring about growth and change.

But if it’s really that disconcerting, sometimes that can backfire. Blogging only to promote becomes boring after a while. Only sending people Facebook messages about various causes and games rings false. (I don’t react to those, by the way. I pretty much let people post whatever they want to my walls, but please don’t clutter it up with various causes or do the passive aggressive thing – e.g. “If you’re against/not against X, you’ll post this.” Please, PLEASE stop doing that. I instantly delete it if it shows up and if it happens more than twice, I’ll remove you. Doesn’t matter if it’s a good cause or not, or even if I believe in it or not, but give me the right to fly my own flag on my own virtutal doorstep. )

I think I’ve gotten off track here, because my initial point is that not everyone is comfortable with putting out. Even if blog posts aren’t all about promo, if the author in question is super uncomfortable with it, it shows. And that’s not anyone’s fault – sometimes we’re just wired that way. I’m notoriously camera shy – I hate it. I usually hate getting my picture taken and I do not do well on video.

(Though I think it sorta depends. If I’m having fun it’s no big deal. If I’m forced to pose and be all authorly, I completely freeze up. Alas.)

This is that travesty with being born on the Leo/Virgo cusp. I crave the spotlight…and then shun the hell out of it.  But that’s just my personal issue. And the only reason I bring it up is because it’s been suggested that I start doing video blogs, which I’ve never actually tried.

And really, I’m not sure how well it would work. I tend to ramble here on the blog. I imagine my words would probably slur together in a big nervous mess as I talk about nothing, so… (I suspect I have the potential to get really jacked up and weird too, so who knows?)

I have seen a  few authors use an online video service where followers can submit questions and the author then just records the answer and posts that. Might be that’s a more workable solution for me, if only to keep me on track.


I’m just not sure about it, to be honest.

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2 Responses to Putting Out

  1. Rhianna says:

    Blogger to author I have to tell you a secret… I fucking HATE social media. I’m that person who has always been painfully shy who only manages to come out of it when something gets brought up that makes me forget it for a few minutes. In a RL social situation I often find myself the one getting all obsessive and oversharey until I catch the look on people’s faces and then get embarrassed. Social media is more difficult because all of it feels a bit masterbatory and self-serving. “oh look I just gave my big fat obnoxious opinion on X book on my blog” is what it always feels like and yet… I have to sell my opinion so that I can continue to promote and share the works I’m enjoying and being invited to do so.

    A fellow blogger had told me several times that she loves how I do a personal thing on Fridays where I mention RL things and that she finds it hard to do that. But the thing is… I tend to gravitate toward reading the reviews of bloggers and books of authors whom I find a certain honesty in.

    I may love an author’s books to death but the ones I tend to pre-order for even if I’ve been offered ARCs on are the ones who I find I would enjoy in person if we’d ‘met’ under other circumstances. Strangely enough I also find their books to be the ones I can be most honest about if I didn’t like something.

    And I totally rambled… lol but you’re one of those authors with whom I find myself thinking ‘she totally gets it!’ every time you blog about something whether it’s book biz or gamer-geekery. I’ve done a few videos for blog/reviewing purposes and I hate the shit out of them. I’m not photogenic AT ALL (which is insane since my mom was a model!) and I do this thing where I think of two words that work for whatever I’m saying and somehow blurt them together as some weird half-and-half word. The only time I’ve ever been comfortable speaking in front of audiences like that was in plays as a kid because up there you’re pretending to be someone else. Being the dork behind the vlog is torture. Don’t do it… on one hand it can be a great tool but if it’s not something you have an instant desire to do it’s not for you.

    …and I’m leaving before I say something else personal and silly and pointless. ;P

  2. Darchala says:

    I don’t know how you can stand to even just do regular blog posts on Stuff, honestly. I barely have the social stamina to crawl out of my cave and throw half-finished paintings at the internet before running away screaming most days. (Which is one of the reasons I never attempted livestreaming, come to that.) I’d probably scare away 90% of my readers within a week if I had to do the author promo thing.

    (And that half-words mashed together thing that Rhianna mentioned? That’s about half of what comes out of my mouth. >_<)

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