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March Madness

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Alas, not about basketball. But madness pretty much sums up this entire month. To be fair, except for the weather, it pretty much started out like a lamb…but it’s going out like a lion. In general, things were looking up this month – we attended the wedding of a good friend, I got invited to participate in an upcoming anthology, I’m out on submission, I’m waiting for a few other things to line up the way they should – in short, life seemed pretty good. I’m not sure where the weirdness started, so I suppose I’ll just begin with the endoscopy. It was a few weeks ago, the doc diagnosed me with a hiatal hernia, took some biopsies and off I go. (Still waiting on those results, but at this point, not a particularly high priority to find out and I’m rather done with borrowing trouble, so to speak.) That… Read more

Getting Ready to *poof*

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I’m in my usual before con travel mindset – which tends to translate into absolute panic. Do I have my tickets? Do I have clothes? Do I have my swag? Maps? Portable chargers? Where’s my hotel? How the hell do these free shuttle buses work? That being said, I’m obviously going to be a bit scarce for a few days (though the train has wireless tomorrow, so who knows?) I’m a tad nervous about my panel, but suppose that’s normal. I always have those crazy moments of self-doubt where I’m afraid I’m going to open my mouth and sound like a gibbering idiot, but hopefully I’ll figure something out before that happens. Or not. In which case you can feel free to point and laugh. Everyone else does. >_< In the meantime, I’ve got a bunch of people I’m hoping to catch up with and get my geek on in… Read more

Putting Out

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The thing about social networking is that there has to be a measure of honesty about it – at least if you’re trying to make actual connections with people.  I tend to go fairly light on the promo stuff most of the time unless I’ve got an interview or something to mention. I probably *should* do it more, but it’s just not me. Call it modesty, if you want, or laziness, or whatever, but I’m not fond of the selling myself aspect of authorship. Probably makes me a Bad Promotion Author, but that’s okay. No one really seems to know what sells books anyway – promo, ads, swag – whatever. In the end it should be about the words, though sometimes it’s really just luck and timing. At any rate, many authors are introverts – so the idea of blogging or facebooking can be fairly intimidating. It doesn’t mean they’re… Read more

Procrastination Station

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Yeah. I got nothing. What I really *wanted* to do this weekend was hop on the Guild Wars 2 beta for a few hours…but I suspect that isn’t going to happen. Still in the revision process, which ended up being a lot more involved than I thought it would be. Although the overall plot doesn’t need any overhaul or anything, there are just so many details that I’m moving around and tweaking and I’m constantly having to go back and forth between pages to make sure the details line up.  (I ended up moving a few pages so that some plot elements happened earlier than before and that means there are some consistency issues. Look! Abby’s wearing a dress! Oh, wait, but now she has pants! Erm. No, no..it’s a dress. Crap. And so on.  I feel like I’m constantly on the same page and running in place. Every time… Read more