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Game Round Up

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Not sure if I’ve done one of these ever, but figured I might as well talk a little bit about what I’ve been playing recently. I never seem to have enough free time to really play much these days and I tend to feel guilty about it when I do (shouldn’t I be doing something productive?) so it’s rare I get hours of uninterrupted time. That being said, my attention span for games is not what it used to be and I find myself often getting bored pretty quickly. (The above pictured art is by the lovely Aimo, as always.) So, what have I been playing? Well, I’ll start with the October time frame and work my way forward: 1) Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, 20th anniversary edition – this is a remake/reboot of the original. I played this way back on my Pentium 60 with its 400 meg… Read more

Procrastination Station

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Yeah. I got nothing. What I really *wanted* to do this weekend was hop on the Guild Wars 2 beta for a few hours…but I suspect that isn’t going to happen. Still in the revision process, which ended up being a lot more involved than I thought it would be. Although the overall plot doesn’t need any overhaul or anything, there are just so many details that I’m moving around and tweaking and I’m constantly having to go back and forth between pages to make sure the details line up.  (I ended up moving a few pages so that some plot elements happened earlier than before and that means there are some consistency issues. Look! Abby’s wearing a dress! Oh, wait, but now she has pants! Erm. No, no..it’s a dress. Crap. And so on.  I feel like I’m constantly on the same page and running in place. Every time… Read more

The End…It Comes Soon.

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Or soon enough, anyway. I had set a sort of internal deadline to get the draft of the book done this weekend. And I waltzed right past it in a swirl of two children’s birthday parties, two sets of play dates and some much needed bathroom cleaning. However, I’m dreadfully close. I know this because of how hard it has suddenly become. (And how eager I suddenly seem to be to clean my bathroom. Like having a pretty toilet will somehow make the writing better. Yes, there are some days I want to slap my inner muse silly at her procrastination techniques.) Maybe it’s a mental thing or something having to do with letting go. But there it is. Part of is the scene I’ve been struggling with. Usually when I have to work this hard at a particular bit it either means I’m trying to force something  – i.e. the characters… Read more