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I got nothing.

What I really *wanted* to do this weekend was hop on the Guild Wars 2 beta for a few hours…but I suspect that isn’t going to happen. Still in the revision process, which ended up being a lot more involved than I thought it would be.

Although the overall plot doesn’t need any overhaul or anything, there are just so many details that I’m moving around and tweaking and I’m constantly having to go back and forth between pages to make sure the details line up.  (I ended up moving a few pages so that some plot elements happened earlier than before and that means there are some consistency issues.

Look! Abby’s wearing a dress! Oh, wait, but now she has pants! Erm. No,’s a dress. Crap.

And so on.  I feel like I’m constantly on the same page and running in place. Every time I take something out, I end up adding 3 more pages worth of stuff and even though the revisions *are* happening, I’m still looking at the same damn scene.

Which isn’t great, considering it’s due Monday. So, guess who’s probably pulling some all-nighters this weekend? >_<


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