The End…It Comes Soon.

Or soon enough, anyway.

I had set a sort of internal deadline to get the draft of the book done this weekend. And I waltzed right past it in a swirl of two children’s birthday parties, two sets of play dates and some much needed bathroom cleaning.

However, I’m dreadfully close. I know this because of how hard it has suddenly become. (And how eager I suddenly seem to be to clean my bathroom. Like having a pretty toilet will somehow make the writing better. Yes, there are some days I want to slap my inner muse silly at her procrastination techniques.)

Maybe it’s a mental thing or something having to do with letting go. But there it is.

Part of is the scene I’ve been struggling with. Usually when I have to work this hard at a particular bit it either means I’m trying to force something  – i.e. the characters *really* don’t want to head down this path – or it’s a really important scene for whatever reason. Maybe my brain needs more time to process it? Maybe I’m afraid to have it end? (Because that means I’m done and I have to take ownership of the rest of the book’s formation?) I’d chat out more of the details here but I really can’t without major spoilers for the first book, and since that hasn’t been released yet, I’m guessing talking about things that happen after the fact would be a bit like shooting myself in the foot.


I reworked the concept in my head multiple times (and after many showers in my newly cleaned bathroom) and all signs seem to agree the scene has to happen. It may not stay the way I’ve written it in the first few rounds of revisions (and it probably won’t)…but the core of the scene has to be there. X *has* to happen, even if the details are conveniently nebulous. Still, I can’t help but feel a bit unsatisfied with it. I did manage to push past it and the words are coming easier, but it’s quite obvious to be that the ending will be here very shortly, in all its cliffhanger glory.

I just hope Phin is up to the task. 😉

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