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Con Aftermath

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Clearly I didn’t post much the last few days – not even twitter or tumblr. Part of that was just time (and lousy signal)…and also just being so tired I couldn’t make the effort. (No, I don’t know who photobombed Gandalf there, but I gave up trying to get pictures without people. And lego people rock.) Not that the con wasn’t fun – it was, but I think it was a tad too crowded for my tastes overall. (And right now I’m pretty grumpy – lack of sleep and just plain travel fatigue will do that to a person.) Most of my pictures came out blurry (of course) so I don’t actually have much to show, but as far as recaps go: Thursday afternoon, I got in late in the afternoon, met with my agent and toured the agency office and then headed down to the Javits center with Emma… Read more

Getting Ready to *poof*

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I’m in my usual before con travel mindset – which tends to translate into absolute panic. Do I have my tickets? Do I have clothes? Do I have my swag? Maps? Portable chargers? Where’s my hotel? How the hell do these free shuttle buses work? That being said, I’m obviously going to be a bit scarce for a few days (though the train has wireless tomorrow, so who knows?) I’m a tad nervous about my panel, but suppose that’s normal. I always have those crazy moments of self-doubt where I’m afraid I’m going to open my mouth and sound like a gibbering idiot, but hopefully I’ll figure something out before that happens. Or not. In which case you can feel free to point and laugh. Everyone else does. >_< In the meantime, I’ve got a bunch of people I’m hoping to catch up with and get my geek on in… Read more


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So while I was at RWA in NYC last week, I finally decided to take the plunge and get my first tattoo. It’s something I’ve been kicking around for years, in fact – but I’ve never had the guts to do. Hell, I commissioned the design from Darchala about three years ago, so it’s not like it was just a completely random¬†occurrence. ¬†The official title is “Endless Thorn”, btw. But I sat on it. The idea of getting something so permanent is a bit daunting. Just the realization that you can’t really go back, I guess. Tattoo artists have to be amazing, if you think about it. As a writer, if I don’t like something, I can just delete it or change it…but when the canvas is another person’s skin? (Sure, it can be undone, but it’s a long and painful process.) Anyway, I decided while I was in NY… Read more