Writing Prompt Wednesday

Looking for something fun to do today to shake off some of the negativity of the last few posts, so I’m going to do a flash-fiction writing prompt. I don’t normally do them, but they can be fun, and hey, prizes.

Or *a* prize, I guess. I’ll mail a random winner a cover flat of A Trace of Moonlight (or any other cover flat/swag thing user wants).

So here’s the picture:

Post 500 words or less in the comments below. You’ve got until some random time on Friday or Saturday to get it done and I’ll draw on Sunday. 🙂

Incidentally, the title of the picture is called “Waiting” by Donato Giancola. (Check out the gallery for a ton of additional artwork – lots of familiar book covers in there.)

What is she waiting for? Death? A lover? Alien Bears? Only YOU can say.

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5 Responses to Writing Prompt Wednesday

  1. She waited under the twinkling stars hoping that her lover would come back for her. He left her here on the steps to the sea to return to another kingdom full of tails and gills. A place she could not follow. He came to the surface to find love and found her. Over time the call of the sea was too strong to ignore.
    He tore out her heart and left her a shell to fill its hole. Broken she lay in the cool lapping waves waiting for them to devour her and take her body to the lover that left her.

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  3. ZombieJoe says:

    “There’s my little princess.” From back in the years her father’s words stretched out. They were the last she heard from him before the waves took him. Hers wasn’t an uncommon story, even if everyone considered her to be an uncommon girl. Strange. A freak.

    All of them would comment on the chill of the deep waves. They’d speak of the cold caress of the sirens that stole their men from the decks of the fishing ships and merchant vessels alike. For Kelda the wash of the waves was warm, nearly inviting. It reminded her of her father. Like a warm blanket on a cold night. Or that last embrace before he went off to sea.

    As Kelda walked the beach, she looked for the right shell. While all children thought you could hear the sea in them, she knew that with the right one you could hear more. The right one and you could hear the voice of one lost to the waves. So she spent her days on the shores searching for just the right shell. The perfect one.

    The salty waters licked playfully at her feet. Prismatic shapes formed from the discarded shelters of the creatures that lived under the waves called to her. One of them had to be the right one. A dancing of light drew her attention to a decent sized conch shell just in front of her. It was quite the beautiful thing, but not only for its looks. Even from a distance Kelda could feel the beauty in it. The love.

    Holding the piece up to her ear, she was met with the roaring rush of the waves. It droned in her ear, nearly putting her in a trance. Hidden under that was something else though, something deep. A whisper. A call. She felt the warmth of the waters around her ankles comforting her as she listened intently.

    She woke to the smell of the salt in the air and in her clothes. The waters were a blanket she lay on top of instead of under. Her eyes stung with the bite of the sea water on them. Moisture wrapped around her like a crown.

    “Welcome home, Little Princess.”

  4. SJacob says:

    Laying there in the silence she waited for the sea to engulf her into its dark depths. The night was silent, and cold from the ghostly wind that blew every other minute. There was no point in getting up, no point in trying to avoid what her body was already feeling. It was only a matter of time before death consumed her.
    She didn’t care she thought as the cold and darkness of the sea was beginning to seep into her night gown. He was gone. There was nothing else for her to do. Death seemed more peaceful and warming then the everlasting pain she felt that clenched at her heart. Her mind was made up, the darkness could now take her away; she wasn’t going to fight it.
    Goodbye, I love you
    Were her last thoughts before the sea took her in its arms, embracing her, taking her whole.

  5. allison says:

    W00t! Thanks for the entries, guys! Since there aren’t many here, I’m gonna award ALL of you with a signed cover flat (and if you want additional swag like trading cards, just let me know).

    Just send me an email at apang at heartofthedreaming dot com with your address and I’ll get it out this week!

    Thanks! 😀

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