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Swag the Dog

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Okay – only a few weeks left until convention season starts, but I wanted to show off one of the new items I’ll be handing out (starting at Romantic Times): Brush of Darkness trading cards! Apparently these are the new cool things to have, and I had a custom set of four designed by the marvelous Darchala last week. đŸ™‚ I’m still working on the backs, which should include names and quotes and all that fun stuff, but hopefully I’ll have them off to the printer this week. (Got a favorite character quote? Let me know!) The cards are small – only 2.5. x 3.5 inches, so we wanted to keep the designs simple. Portraits seemed like the thing to do – and obviously we’ve got Abby, Ion, Phin and Melanie to start. I’ll add to these as I can, but I have to order them in sets of 500… Read more

Word Whore Thursday

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I’m over at Word Whores today, talking about small indulgences. Also, I’m sorta whining about my 11th birthday, but hey, at least I’m honest about my motivations. I’m also over at Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind, talking about world building. Aside from that, I’m home sick again today. (Working from home, but definitely too messed up to drive anywhere). Works out okay because I had a chunk of siding blow off the house this weekend and now I can be here to have someone come put it back on. Which is good because when the wind blows it sounds like a small train is about to come hurtling through the kids’ bathroom. (About four am, I wake up and fine one or both kids in bed with me because the noise is freaking them out.) I have managed to get my faery costume in order for the RT ball, however,… Read more

Team Phin

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Since I’ve had a fair amount of interest in the possibility of t-shirts and other items made with designs inspired by A Brush of Darkness, I’m unveiling the first potential design today. Not quite a Team Phin, but not too far off. I will probably start this off on a t-shirt, but I’m open to suggestions as to other items as well. (Seriously – mugs? stamps? tote bags? What do you guys want? Are there other things you’d like to see? I’ve had requests for Midnight Marketplace stuff too. No promises, obviously, but I’ll see what I can do.) I suspect I’ll probably have a set of business cards made up with this design, simply because I can. At the moment, I’m currently in the process of investigating print and online store options, but I will hopefully have a few prototypes soon. (And I should have some to give away… Read more


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In anticipation of next week, I finally caved in and bought a bunch of swag from Ninth Moon. Not a huge amount, and not stuff I really plan on giving away in large  quantities. The “Signed by Allison” stickers were a no-brainer, since I’m already getting requests for signed copies of BoD. I also got a sheet of little round stickers with the cover and some note-pad sheets (really just to have something nice to write little notes on, go figure!). Between that and the ton of bookmarks I still have left over I should be good. I wasn’t entirely sure about the rest of it – things like book plates and pens *seem* cool, but right now it’s more of an expense than I feel like doing. Although I have had some requests for swag (mostly in the form of bookmarks, which I’m happy to mail out), I don’t… Read more