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Philly Comic Con Highlights and Random Updates

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Okay – lots to talk about from this weekend! First off – Comic Con – we only went for Saturday and Sunday, but that was plenty of fun, particularly with the kids. (They only last so long, however, so I highly recommend doing the VIP thing if you can swing it. Not having to wait in the cattle lines to get in was worth its weight in gold, particularly on Saturday morning.) Anyway – we got in about 10 AM or so and most of the day was spent doing the Chris Hemsworth VIP thing – my passes allowed for a signing and a photo op, but with such a high profile celebrity, the lines form really early, and so you still have to wait. So – first thing was getting Lucy’s hammer signed – took us about an hour, but we got through the Line okay. Lucy made a… Read more

Did Buffy Destroy Urban Fantasy?

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First off, let me preface this by saying I adore Buffy. I adore Joss Whedon. I adore Urban Fantasy.  So this isn’t a post geared toward stirring up any major sort of controversy or anything – just some general obeservations.  (And it’s not meant to be all encompassing – just my thoughts…) I was doing a fair amount of thinking of genre over the weekend (in between revisions, of course. As one does, when you have a deadline looming over your head. >_< ) (Also, I should note this is going to get rambly and without purpose, as so many of my posts often do. Sorry about that.) But anyway – when I was younger – my early and late teens – I was a pretty big reader of fantasy and sci-fi. Urban Fantasy as a genre didn’t really exist, but there were a few authors/books that fall under that… Read more