One of *Those* Days

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Yeah, it *is* one of those days. And I’d rather not sit here and mope about the darkity dark recesses of my tortured soul today. So I won’t. I will, however, mention that I’m giving serious consideration to buying a pygmy hedgehog this weekend. So there.… Read more

Drugs Are Bad, Mmmkay?

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I can easily admit I’m the Queen of Chronic Disorders. I’ve got several. I’ve been on a lot of medications with varying degrees of success – everything from low-grade antidepressants for pain to full-blown anti-seizure meds: Elavil, Neurontin, Vicodin, Voltaron, OxyContin, Flexeril, Xanaflex, Celebrex, Elmiron, Lexapro and my new favorite, Ultram ER. Now, I’m used to a fair amount of side effects. Most of the pain killers or anti-depressants would give me a nice form of cotton mouth or make me a bit sleepy, at least until I got used to them. (And I’m not on any long term drugs at all at this point, so lucky me), but the two worst offenders for me were the Lexapro and the Ultram. I went on the Lexapro at one point last year for anxiety issues – something fairly low dose, and I did notice that I immediately felt a bit more… Read more

Hello Kitty Win?

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My Hello Kitty USB hub came in yesterday. It lights up (and changes color). It’s a card reader. It has three usb ports in the back. I paid way too much for it, but I was in a **rough patch and the new computer doesn’t have a card reader, and limited front facing USB ports, so I figured, why not? I’m a sucker for things that light up anyway. ** Rough patch being that I got my MRI results back last week and yes, I’ve got scar tissue all around the surgical site. And the disc above the one that was operated on is now bulging out on the *right* side. And I have arthritis too. I was told that they only see this sort of damage in the spine of people who are much older. (Although, what’s funny is that they then hurried to tell me that this sort… Read more

*Grumbles* Part the Second

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Okay,  I’m not sure why I seem to be so utterly hopeless in the land of technology this month, but can I just take a moment here to ask the universe to get over itself? Please? Dell is taking their sweet time getting back to me with any sort of shipping date for the replacement machine…because they’re harvesting parts from older machines to make one sort of like what I currently have. Which of course, is probably close to impossible, since the thing was 3 years old and they don’t make those parts any more. At this rate, it will probably take just as long for them to build the thing as it would for me to wait for that original motherboard! The sick thing is that for about $2000 I could just order my own parts today, have them by Friday and build a new rig over the weekend.… Read more


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Not much of an update, but I couldn’t think of very much to blog about today. It’s snowing again. School has been closed for the rest of the week and I’m fairly sure we’re going to be losing power again tomorrow. (They are talking major winds tomorrow on top of the snow.) My back is utterly killing me tonight. I made it into work for a few hours today and went to my acupuncturist. Her husband is PT guy, so he worked my back out, but as I tried to explain to him, when the muscles get like this, ultrasound and heat/stim just don’t do anything. Painkillers don’t work. Muscle relaxants don’t work. I think I’m going to insist on getting another MRI next week when I go back to the doc, but I admit I’m getting a tad worried because the muscle cramps and deep radiating pain I’m getting… Read more