*Grumbles* Part the Second

Okay,  I’m not sure why I seem to be so utterly hopeless in the land of technology this month, but can I just take a moment here to ask the universe to get over itself? Please? Dell is taking their sweet time getting back to me with any sort of shipping date for the replacement machine…because they’re harvesting parts from older machines to make one sort of like what I currently have. Which of course, is probably close to impossible, since the thing was 3 years old and they don’t make those parts any more. At this rate, it will probably take just as long for them to build the thing as it would for me to wait for that original motherboard!

The sick thing is that for about $2000 I could just order my own parts today, have them by Friday and build a new rig over the weekend. It’s starting to look mighty tempting.

And then to really rub salt into the wounds, I ordered 2 copies of Windows 7 Ultimate (one to reinstall on my netbook) off of Amazon and a replacement drive for the new rig, whenever it comes in. Only problem? Neither one came with the 64 bit disk. Which doesn’t matter so much for the netbook, since it can only run a 32 bit OS anyway, but it totally defeats the purpose for the replacement machine. So I emailed the 3rd party that I bought it from, and they are very apologetic. But they’ve asked that I just send them back both copies (they’ll send me a mailer) and they will give me a full refund. Which means that I now have to buy a copy from someone else. And of course, I’ve already installed one copy on the Netbook anyway (I originally thought both copies were on a single DVD ).  *grinds teeth*

And I’m getting a cold. And I have to get a MRI tomorrow. And my house should probably be condemned.

But I did just get my Tagalongs, so I will endeavor to persevere. Or stuff my face, whichever comes first.

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