‘Cause It’s All About *Me*, or at Least Seven Things You Didn’t Know…

Well, no, it’s not. But the extreme craziness of my weekend and the fact that I just spent four hours trying to retrieve files off the old hard drive from the broken Dell has done nothing to improve my mood. So, we’ll round off this week with another Meme, as I was tagged by Danica on her blog a few days ago.

I’m not really sure how much I haven’t already said on the blog, but here goes.

1) I hate fish. In fact, I hate all seafood. As ironic as it is that I spent most of my summers on an island, I have no problem with fishing or crabbing, but I cannot eat the stuff. (The one tiny exception is my dad’s fried flounder, but even that in only very small amounts.) Otherwise, even the barest whiff makes me want to vomit.

2) I also detest vegetables. (And I gag on most of them. Yes, I’m a food freak, I get it.)

3) I own many guns and I have a concealed carry permit. I also tend to carry a MOD LadyHawk .  I’m completely liberal in many of my other views. I just like to be practical along the lines of self-defense.

4) I can still put my legs behind my head, though I can’t walk on my hands at the same time like I could when I was young.

5) I bought a copy of Playgirl when I was 14 by telling the cashier that it was for a scavenger hunt. I bought it for the articles, of course.;-)

6) I used to believe in Faeries to the extent that I would make little faery beds made of walnut shells and cotton balls and leave them around my room.

7) I had the worst hair perm *ever* when I was in 6th grade. Seriously, it was like this awful, awful fro that lasted for at least two years. I have no idea what the hell my mother was thinking.

And completely randomly, I’ve got a bit of flash fiction smut, inspired by an online conversation with @SmoulderingSea. Don’t say you weren’t warned. And don’t ask.

His mouth trailed down my collarbone, nuzzling the soft flesh at my breast, his tongue wet and delicate. He suckled at my nipple, clamping on with lips like butterfly wings and I moaned, glancing down to see him trying to molest the areola with his eyelid. I punched him in the head and left, never to see him again.

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