Flash Fiction Blast from the Past

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A comment earlier this week (from my friend Bluenail, who used to run an awesome CyberPunk PbP back at my gaming site), had my wheels clicking a bit, since she specifically mentioned the character I used to play there. I honestly hadn’t given the game or the character much thought in a while (this was back in 2007!), but I looked up the original intro chunk I had written for her and you know what? It’s actually kind of good. Oddly enough, it’s in 1st person present. Again. WTF is up with me and flash in that sort of PoV? (And yes, I have comma issues – I’m very much aware of that. LOL) So here is Sakura Ookochi’s intro, in all it’s unedited glory (and one of the renders I’d done for her as well): OOO The waitress is being a total bitch, but I don’t let it bother… Read more

PG BlogFest Smut Scene!

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Okay, I’d actually forgotten to do this (even though I put it on my calendar and everything), so I whipped this up at lunchtime. It’s probably a little rough around the edges, but I think it will do. The original idea was inspired by Simon Larter, with the understanding that the scene has to meet the following requirements: 1)A short love scene between two characters (yes, two, ‘cause if it’s a threesome or better, it sure as hell ain’t PG!) 2)The reader needs to understand that the act of love is occurring, but the language must remain MG/PG. 3) You may not fade to black because that would be cheating!I figured I’d give this a shot – though I’m not particualrly good at the PG stuff. I decided to take my characters from the YA SteamPunk thing I’m playing around with and see what they’d do. For some perverse reason, I… Read more

‘Cause It’s All About *Me*, or at Least Seven Things You Didn’t Know…

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Well, no, it’s not. But the extreme craziness of my weekend and the fact that I just spent four hours trying to retrieve files off the old hard drive from the broken Dell has done nothing to improve my mood. So, we’ll round off this week with another Meme, as I was tagged by Danica on her blog a few days ago. I’m not really sure how much I haven’t already said on the blog, but here goes. 1) I hate fish. In fact, I hate all seafood. As ironic as it is that I spent most of my summers on an island, I have no problem with fishing or crabbing, but I cannot eat the stuff. (The one tiny exception is my dad’s fried flounder, but even that in only very small amounts.) Otherwise, even the barest whiff makes me want to vomit. 2) I also detest vegetables. (And… Read more