Flash Fiction Blast from the Past

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A comment earlier this week (from my friend Bluenail, who used to run an awesome CyberPunk PbP back at my gaming site), had my wheels clicking a bit, since she specifically mentioned the character I used to play there. I honestly hadn’t given the game or the character much thought in a while (this was back in 2007!), but I looked up the original intro chunk I had written for her and you know what? It’s actually kind of good. Oddly enough, it’s in 1st person present. Again. WTF is up with me and flash in that sort of PoV? (And yes, I have comma issues – I’m very much aware of that. LOL) So here is Sakura Ookochi’s intro, in all it’s unedited glory (and one of the renders I’d done for her as well): OOO The waitress is being a total bitch, but I don’t let it bother… Read more