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Sort of ironic that this week’s blog topic on Word Whores is about time, since that seems to be the one thing I just don’t have enough of. I hesitate to use the word burn-out to describe my feelings at the moment, but there it is. And it seems silly to talk about it sometimes – there’s always someone who has it harder. But then I read articles like this and I begin to wonder at just what it is that I am doing. I mean, no, I don’t want to raise my kids that way…but I do feel as though I’m doing them a bit of a disservice with the way things are going. Some days I feel so utterly wrapped up in my own doings and constantly trying to catch up with everything that I cannot help but think they’re going to look back years from now and think… Read more

Offline for the Weekend

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Apparently I’m not fit company at the moment to do anything but snarl, so I’m taking a hiatus from the web-o-sphere for the weekend.… Read more

One of *Those* Days

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So, yeah. Remember a few days ago I was bitching about my left knee popping? Got up from where I was sitting last night on the floor and *poof*.   Doesn’t exactly pop anymore…because I managed to hyper-extend it. There’s no swelling, but it definitely bends further back now than it should (hey, it matches the right knee, whee!) and I couldn’t put any weight on it at all going up and down the stairs. I suspect it will be okay if I just leave it alone for a few days – there’s no real pain unless I attempt to twist it or climb stairs. (Just a little crampy when I first attempt to stand – nice shot of tension from my back to my ankle. If I had to guess, part of this was probably caused from when I went to go get my back realigned on Tuesday. The doc has… Read more


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Aren’t you all so lucky? You get to see an x-ray of my spine with a big honking needle sticking out of it. (Doc found it very funny that I wanted to blog about it, but there it is. Next time I’ll see if he can’t get a shot with a regular camera so you can see me in all my glory.) Yes, that needle is sitting on the bone. Yea, it doth sucketh mightily. So, yeah. It hurts like a bitch. The numbing stuff hasn’t quite worn off yet, so I suspect things will be a bit worse later on tonight or tomorrow. And round two starts in two week. Huzzah!… Read more


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Yeah. This is about right.… Read more