One of *Those* Days

So, yeah. Remember a few days ago I was bitching about my left knee popping?

Got up from where I was sitting last night on the floor and *poof*.   Doesn’t exactly pop anymore…because I managed to hyper-extend it. There’s no swelling, but it definitely bends further back now than it should (hey, it matches the right knee, whee!) and I couldn’t put any weight on it at all going up and down the stairs.

I suspect it will be okay if I just leave it alone for a few days – there’s no real pain unless I attempt to twist it or climb stairs. (Just a little crampy when I first attempt to stand – nice shot of tension from my back to my ankle. If I had to guess, part of this was probably caused from when I went to go get my back realigned on Tuesday. The doc has me lie on my back, grabs my left foot, swings it out wide and then sharply tugs it to pull the SI back into place. And what with me having lousy joints…eh. Probably just a matter of time.

And of course I can’t take any anti-inflams because of the Prolotherapy. Well, I could…but then I’d run the risk of interfering in a process that’s cost me $3000 so far for an unproven medical treatment that insurance doesn’t cover. So, ice for now and resting and we’ll see where I’m at by Monday.

And to prove that life does like to play jokes – when I left work last night, I discovered my car battery had died. Took me 20 minutes to find someone who could jump it. (But mr myn came to the rescue this morning – he ran out and bought a new one and installed it, so yay!)

Sorry for being a bit whiny today, but at least the .gif is funny, right? Right? *sobs*

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