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Everything in my back hurts today, so I’m not feeling much like blogging or joining in the holiday spirit of things. Here’s Tumbleweed not cooperating as I attempt to take a picture of her in a sleigh. I’m doing a blog hop contest starting next week  –  I’ll throw up some more details about that soon.  (I’ll be hosting my portion of it on my official author site). However, part of the giveaway is a stuffed hedgehog. Alas that Tumbleweed refused to really want to be part of the promo shots… (This is her: “I’m going to crawl into your bed tonight and shank you” look.) A melding of minds, perhaps. You can see that the stuffed hedgehog is nearly actual size. 😀 But with far less prickle to go around… (Tumbleweed is unimpressed. Though she *did* lick its nose.)… Read more


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Yeah. This is about right.… Read more

Hedgehog WTFkery

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I’m not sure I even want to know. I can barely pick up Tumbleweed when she’s puffed up. She’s a ball of spikes. How the *hell* would you manage to get the peen in there?… Read more

Taming the Hedgehog

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It’s come to my attention that I may have adopted a Grumpy Hedgehog. After four weeks of ownership, I have concluded that Tumbleweed is quite possibly as prickly on the inside as she is on the outside. Makes it hard for a cuddle. However, I have noticed that when I put her in her big pink hamster ball, she comes out and runs all around without any fear at all. (I smell a metaphor here. Stay tuned tomorrow.) Alas, the main point to this post is that I actually decided to take her to the vet on Saturday. (Lucky me, we have an exotic vet group right up the street.) Even if she was grumpy for the sake of being grumpy, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to at least get a baseline on her in case anything appeared to be wrong in the future. Of course, that does pose a bit of… Read more


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And here she is. 🙂 Just one quick shot tonight, but I will try to get some better shots as the week goes on. She’s a bit timid right now (but she’s only 8 weeks old, so that’s understandable). As pygmy hedgehogs go, she’s pretty cute!… Read more