Everything in my back hurts today, so I’m not feeling much like blogging or joining in the holiday spirit of things.

Here’s Tumbleweed not cooperating as I attempt to take a picture of her in a sleigh.

I’m doing a blog hop contest starting next week  –  I’ll throw up some more details about that soon.  (I’ll be hosting my portion of it on my official author site).

However, part of the giveaway is a stuffed hedgehog. Alas that Tumbleweed refused to really want to be part of the promo shots…

(This is her: “I’m going to crawl into your bed tonight and shank you” look.)

A melding of minds, perhaps. You can see that the stuffed hedgehog is nearly actual size. 😀

But with far less prickle to go around…

(Tumbleweed is unimpressed. Though she *did* lick its nose.)

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