It’s Friday!

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…and quite honestly I’m up to my ears in stuff, so not sure what to talk about today. Actually, I’ve got a ranty mcrantypants blog that’s been brewing up in my head for weeks now about women in gaming (or how women are portrayed in gaming, etc.) but I’m not sure I really have the literary chops to say what I  want to say without it coming across as “Guh, sexism bad. Y U always show bewbs?” So I’ll sit on that for a little bit longer. Tell you what though – if I had the time/money I’d seriously look into starting up my own mini-gaming company. Thanks to running a mostly female gaming forum for eight years, I’ve got artists and writers and game modders galore. What I don’t have is honest-to-god programmers and 3D render whizzes. Gaming engine, yes. Original mesh creator? No.  But perhaps I’ll just put… Read more

Back to the Grind

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It’s one of those Saturday mornings when I finally get on the scale after avoiding it for several weeks. And. Yeah. Clearly these late night stress eating sessions aren’t doing me any favors. I used to have a really good mindset about the whole dieting thing, and when I had my back surgery I was very good about walking afterwards. But then my office moved and there’s no good walking paths anywhere. And my treadmill broke. And my SI keeps falling out.. And. And. And bullshit. So, I’m calling myself out a bit on my exercise avoidance. It’s not all “body-love”, though. I’ve got a cruise coming up over the summer and I wouldn’t mind being a tad less saggy for that.I also need to stop excusing some of the extra food. I know it’s stress. For some reason writing stresses me out. It’s not that I don’t like writing.… Read more


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Sort of ironic that this week’s blog topic on Word Whores is about time, since that seems to be the one thing I just don’t have enough of. I hesitate to use the word burn-out to describe my feelings at the moment, but there it is. And it seems silly to talk about it sometimes – there’s always someone who has it harder. But then I read articles like this and I begin to wonder at just what it is that I am doing. I mean, no, I don’t want to raise my kids that way…but I do feel as though I’m doing them a bit of a disservice with the way things are going. Some days I feel so utterly wrapped up in my own doings and constantly trying to catch up with everything that I cannot help but think they’re going to look back years from now and think… Read more

The Mighty Pen, Slaying Dragons in Your Mind aka Making You Wish You Had a Bucket of Brain Bleach?

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Thinking a bit on the whole adage of “Write What You Know,” today.Obviously that can’t be totally true all the time. After all, I don’t *really* have a unicorn living in my underwear drawer. (Do I have a pervy cat that routinely molests my bathrobe and was Phin’s inspiration? You bet.) On the other hand, Abby could be considered a bit of a mirror of me (at least in part.) After all, she is snarky and sarcastic, physically busted up in places, and deals with a lot of emotional crap (including the death of her mother. Yes, I fully cop to needing to explore this by way of the written word, but I do promise she moves on in time. On the other hand, I might argue that without that bit of me being thrown out there, there’s a chance BoD wouldn’t have ever really been written either. It is what it… Read more