It’s Friday!

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…and quite honestly I’m up to my ears in stuff, so not sure what to talk about today. Actually, I’ve got a ranty mcrantypants blog that’s been brewing up in my head for weeks now about women in gaming (or how women are portrayed in gaming, etc.) but I’m not sure I really have the literary chops to say what I  want to say without it coming across as “Guh, sexism bad. Y U always show bewbs?” So I’ll sit on that for a little bit longer. Tell you what though – if I had the time/money I’d seriously look into starting up my own mini-gaming company. Thanks to running a mostly female gaming forum for eight years, I’ve got artists and writers and game modders galore. What I don’t have is honest-to-god programmers and 3D render whizzes. Gaming engine, yes. Original mesh creator? No.  But perhaps I’ll just put… Read more