Back to the Grind

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It’s one of those Saturday mornings when I finally get on the scale after avoiding it for several weeks. And. Yeah. Clearly these late night stress eating sessions aren’t doing me any favors. I used to have a really good mindset about the whole dieting thing, and when I had my back surgery I was very good about walking afterwards. But then my office moved and there’s no good walking paths anywhere. And my treadmill broke. And my SI keeps falling out.. And. And. And bullshit. So, I’m calling myself out a bit on my exercise avoidance. It’s not all “body-love”, though. I’ve got a cruise coming up over the summer and I wouldn’t mind being a tad less saggy for that.I also need to stop excusing some of the extra food. I know it’s stress. For some reason writing stresses me out. It’s not that I don’t like writing.… Read more

New Interview

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As a quick addition – I’m being interviewed over at YA Fantasy Guide today!… Read more