Not much of an update, but I couldn’t think of very much to blog about today. It’s snowing again. School has been closed for the rest of the week and I’m fairly sure we’re going to be losing power again tomorrow. (They are talking major winds tomorrow on top of the snow.)

My back is utterly killing me tonight. I made it into work for a few hours today and went to my acupuncturist. Her husband is PT guy, so he worked my back out, but as I tried to explain to him, when the muscles get like this, ultrasound and heat/stim just don’t do anything. Painkillers don’t work. Muscle relaxants don’t work. I think I’m going to insist on getting another MRI next week when I go back to the doc, but I admit I’m getting a tad worried because the muscle cramps and deep radiating pain I’m getting are extremely similar to what I had before the surgery. (Only good thing is I’m not getting the nerve pain yet, so that’s something.)

Think I’m just gonna go to bed and hope I feel better tomorrow. 🙁

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